Enchanted Inc

  • Post by Rachel Comish
  • May 14, 2019
Level: YA
Recommended Age: 15+
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Tags: Disguise, Magic, War
Mature Content:

  - Mild violence: Some physical attacks resulting in injury.

  - Mild sexuality: Brief kissing and allusions to sexuality.

  - Mild language: Brief bullying and verbal abuse.

Katie always knew New York City was weird, but she didn’t know how strange it would be until she moved there after college. New Yorkers never look twice at anyone out of the ordinary, but Katie is amazed by how many people she sees dressed as fairies or elves walking around everyday. When she starts seeing gargoyles flying around, she seriously questions her decision to leave Texas. But then Katie finds out that there’s a whole magical world hidden to most people, but she’s immune to magic and allusions which makes her extremely valuable. But to the magical people who want to hide their deception, Katie is exactly the kind of person they want to get rid of.

As Katie navigates her new job at a magical company, she learns that not even magic can prevent office politics… or a hopeless crush.


This lighthearted modern spin on magic is one of my favorites. Is easy to read, has plenty of feel good moments with friends, family, and romance that makes it a great book to read with sisters. Despite being a book about adults in Manhattan, this series is very clean and wholesome. The main character is from Texas, so her Southern manners are a funny contrast with big city life.

Katie Chandler has all the Southern charm of the classic girl next door. She’s extremely ordinary, so ordinary that she’s immune to magic. This discovery lands her an amazing job, crazy adventures, and new fantastical friends. She’s relatable without being annoying, viewing one of the most famous cities in the world with a very realist perspective. She finds humor in all the right places, speaks my love language of food, and is not ashamed of her daydreaming habit. Her thoughts are so funny and interesting, and her desire to both make the most of her new job and tackle her love life with renewed vigor keep the story going.

Her interactions with her new coworkers show how she approaches everything with a mindset for business and customer care, even if those customers are wizards and fairies. There’s a good balance between her family and friends who are still ignorant of the magic around them, and her new coworkers who use magic on a daily basis.

This is a great series to snuggle up with on a rainy day when you miss your family and childhood friends, especially if you’re on a baking spree. All in all, a fun read for anyone who likes romance, magic, and New York.

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