Pick a persona for your lucky book recipient and discover which books go with each personality.

Disclaimer: These are not official endorsements from these actors.



Are you a strategist with a taste for blood? Do you revel in war, scream for revenge, and yearn for adventure? Doing what has to be done can be messy and dangerous, but Arya learns about the world and herself by taking risks and pushing herself beyond the limit. Even when she fails, she gets back up. No one makes a more dangerous enemy or a more loyalfriend.



Are you a Feminist who appreciates strong women in leadership roles? Do immature girls who rely on everyone else make you throw a book at the wall? Emma is a leader of her generation, and activist in her community. She never accepts anything less than what she deserves, and knows her self-worth even if others do not. Being smart is cool, and being a boss is the coolest.



Does no one understand your humor? Finding characters just as quirky and whimsical as Lara is one of the most satisfying discoveries. Don’t let anyone stomp on your love for romance and meet-cutes. And if those adorkable love stories happen in a fairy tale retelling, all the better. Life doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the simple moments in life that always make you smile.



Nothing is quite so thrilling as a story shrouded in mystery, or a generation old family drama that threatens the very balance of life. A heart-pounding tale of secrecy is the only drug you need, and you alwayspuzzle out the killer before the last page. Veronica sees the world in a collage of connections and probability, business and pleasure, friend andenemy.